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Role Front-End Developer/UX Designer

When 2015

Project Info

In conjunction with Up&Up Agency, I worked as UI Designer and Front End Developer on creating a web app for prospective and freshmen students at the University of Kentucky.  The goal of the interface and functionality was to provide an easy way for students to decide their major and what they would do for the rest of their life.  Simple right?


As UI Designer, I worked with the Creative Director to design an interface and experience that looked and felt like a native app.  Therefore, we took a mobile-first approach and designed something that was intuitive and easy-to-use across all devices.  The UI is a three-step process that allows students to search based on interests, potential careers or keywords, receive a list of majors and minors based on that search and, ultimately, find all of the info for the major that they are curious about.


As Front End Developer, I worked in conjunction with a fellow developer to bring the UI to life inside the Drupal environment.  We took a modular approach to the front end, using SMACSS/SASS for the CSS architecture and writing all javascript with a modular approach.  In phase two of the project, I designed many of the newly requested modules “in development” to fast-track the new requests from the University of Kentucky.  This included API integrations from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and other data sources from existing University of Kentucky databases, such as major requirements.

Tools/Technology Used

  • - CSS
  • - HTML
  • - Javascript
  • - Sass
  • - Git
  • - Creative Suite
  • - Drupal
  • Additional Responsibilities

    Researched Bureau of Labor Statistics API for phase II integrations, UI enhancements across future phases, site photography selection, front end optimization

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